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Autotable is an online platform for playing Riichi Mahjong.

Unlike other mahjong programs, it's not really a game, but rather a tabletop simulator. The computer does not enforce the rules or make any moves for you. You are expected to do almost everything yourself: draw the tiles from the wall, sort them, call, make payments, and so on.

This is all to make the experience feel more like real-life Mahjong. Think about it as an automatic mahjong table, but on the Internet.

Autotable should be played with other people over a voice call, such as Jitsi, Google Meet or Discord.


How to play online?

There is no matchmaking, you need to arrange the game with other players yourself.

You should also connect with the other players over a video/audio call. Because the game is intentionally free-form and not automated, voice is really important: not only calls (pon/chi/kan/ron), but also payments, deciding who's next, clearing up mistakes, and so on.

To start an online game, click "Connect". Then, copy the page address (containing the game ID) and send it to other people.

Who's the dealer?

The first dealer is indicated by the round marker. You can move it around, or flip it to South side when needed.

The current dealer is shown on the center display, as an orange bar. The repeat count (honba) is also displayed there.

This information is updated automatically when somebody presses Deal, but you can also change it manually using the "Dealer" and "Honba" buttons.

How do I pay?

Use Space or Q to look down, to your tenbo sticks drawer.

You can put down the sticks on the table, next to the discards. Then the other person will be able to take them:

How do I decide seats?

You can deal random wind tiles to do that. Select "Wind tiles" from the dropdown, press "Deal", and grab tiles to determine your seats:

The player that took East stays in their seat. You can move the round marker to that player's side. The other players can switch seats around the table using the "Leave seat" button.

What are the different modes?


This is a fork of the original autotable. The main goal was to add washizu mode and the ability to discard tiles face down for yami mahjong, but it also includes a few bug fixes and a juiced up spectator mode.

To make the game, These freely available images and sounds were used:

The project was made using the following excellent pieces of software:

Contact me

This version is maintained by riichinomics, you can contact me at or open an issue on github.